Friday, June 02, 2006

Gauge woes; happy ending?

Hello fellow lotus knitters!

I've had quite a saga with this tank. I started knitting a few weeks ago using black Rowan 4ply cotton from the stash. Since this yarn is much lighter than the DK bamboo, I swatched like a good little girl, washed & blocked, and did lots of maths. The maths told me to cast on for the medium in order to get a slightly smaller than small (I have a 33" bust, prefer a fitted look, and know from experience to go for a fair amount of negative ease in tops, especially tanks, and especially cotton). I trusted the swatch and the maths (why would they lie?), proceeded to twist the cast-on row (doh!), and knit almost a full repeat before noticing. After tearing the needles out of the work in frustration, I measured the tank's start - well over 40"!!

So I started again, this time casting on 170 st to create an extra small. Currently I'm working on the back shoulders. I added an extra lace repeat, and lengthened the stockinette portion so that the line between lace & stockinette wouldn't bisect the boobies. I've tried the tank on obsessively, and she fits! Hope to have pictures up in the next week or so.

Good luck to everyone on knitting and fitting,

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