Thursday, June 29, 2006

Mindless Knitting Specialist: First Lace Attempt

Hello! I just ordered my yarn, and I'm anxious to start the Lotus Tank. Though I've been knitting for four years, I've stuck with the basics, so I'm a bit nervous about the lace. Since I'm in a knitting rut, I figured I should challenge myself a bit more. So here I am! What do you think? Is this tank doable for a lace novice?


poipill said...

I say go for it! Place stitch markers at least every other lace repeat (every twenty stitches) and avoid any distractions for the first lace repeat or two.

Kel said...

I second the stitch markers! This was my first time knitting lace as well, and I am hooked! I was glued to the page the whole time, but after a bit I started to see the pattern and memorize some of the repeats. You know where I had problems? A few missed Yarn Overs, but mostly in the mindless K and P repeat rows! I think I relaxed too much... Good luck!

tree said...

I put markers at 10 and then every 30, and most small errors could then be fixed between markers. Also, I converted the pattern to graph paper, making my own chart (but I believe IK has a chart for it now)... anyhow, this was much faster. I agree, distractions are a bad idea. Unlike lace knitting (or is it knitted lace), you don't have a simple k or p every other row, so this is more challenging, but still doable, imho.