Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Needle length?

Hi everyone,
I ran out and bought all the recommended ingredients for this pattern, but when I cast on I felt like 230 stitches was really cramped for this short a needle. I thought it looked small in the store too (the pattern says to use a size 5 24"), but the folks out at my LYS said it looked fine.

Then I read Michelle's post saying this is supposed to be knit on a 29"... are there two different versions of this pattern? Please tell me I didn't just spend 15 dollars on a needle I'll never use.

I did a test swatch and it was a bit bigger than it should have been, I'm currently deciding whether to go out and get a smaller needle or adjust the pattern for a smaller size. Except... I just realized I was planning to make this thing based on my bra size, except I'm a size C, so I might want to add a few inches for the boobs... which will mean, most likely, casting on 260 stitches. Hmm. Anyway, here's a picture of the uber-pretty yarn after many frustrated unravelings.


Batty said...

That yarn is very pretty. I've been into greens lately, and I'm really liking yours.
As for needle size, I find it easier to squeeze more stitches onto a smaller needle than to try to stretch some knitting around a large-diameter circle. That said, it's also nice to have some room with a lace pattern, because then you can stretch it out and look. Very handy for finding mistakes!
Some manufacturers make 29" needles. If 24 is too short but 32 too long, 29 just might be a happy medium!

Bad Amy said...

Such pretty yarn!

A too short circ is better than too long... but with the longer length you can spread out your work and admire it - always a plus.

Stilaholic Nartian knits said...

I initially cast on my 230 stitches on 32" length circulars and all the stitches fit just fine w/o any straining. Unfortunately, I couldn't get the kink out of the cable (Susan Bates) and twisted my stitches. I've since re-cast on my Boyes interchangeables which are 28" roughly tip to tip and it works fine on that as well.

I found my St st swatch to have a bit of ease, so I'm still debating on whether or not to add any short rows for the bust area myself. I'll probably decide once I get to that point as the weight of the knitted piece may make a difference.

Chicago Jen said...

I cast on that loody sweater 3 times on a 24" needle and got the rounds twisted becuse I couldn't get the 230 sts to hang straight. I went and restarted with a 32" needle. No Problems now.