Thursday, June 29, 2006

Racing to the finish line!

I'm soooo close. I finished the straps yesterday & lightly ironed the whole tank in preparation for seaming. I noticed that the front edge was curling pretty badly, despite agressive ironing attempts. . . I went ahead and seamed the straps, and then hunted around for my IK (I'd been working from a photocopy with grainy pics) to check out the photo, wondering where I'd gone wrong. A ha! A glance at the photos sent me back to my directions. . . right before the front BO, the directions say something to the effect of "knit three rows, BO knitwise." Well, I knitted those three rows in STOCKINETTE, since the directions didn't specifically say to knit three rows in GARTER stitch. Gah!

Fortunately, it was an easy fix--unseam a bit at each strap edge, pull out the BO, rip two rows, knit two rows, BO knitwise. Phew!

Now I'm picking up armhole stitches. I'll keep you posted--so far, it fits beautifully! 3-4" negative ease. I did lengthen the stockinette portions on both the front & back, mainly because my swatch shrunk lengthwise when I washed it. . .


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