Saturday, June 17, 2006

Starting over

The lotus, she blossoms

I completed the fourth set of lotus blossom repeats, tried it on, and discovered that - despite my careful gauge swatching - something was seriously amiss. The sweater was so big that I could fit another person in it with me wearing it.

And so the frogging began.

On one hand, I felt wretched about it - I hate to frog. On the other hand, I messed up the first set of lotus blossom patterning so I didn't feel too awful about it.

So here I am knitting the medium size. I've just started my third set of lotus blossom repeats and all is well.

I've come to the realization that I am dazzled by color, which is a problem. I have a very simple wardrobe palette - brown, black, white, cream, and beige. When I buy clothes at a store, they are always in those colors. Yet when I knit a sweater or something, I always pick a real color for the yarn. Sure, it's pretty, but it's something that doesn't fit very well into my wardrobe. They say the first step is admitting you have a problem. Hopefully, going forward I will remember this little epiphany of mine and pick a more suitable color for my wardrobe.

Does anyone else do this? Ignore the reality of the situation and just pick colors that are unsuitable for you?


Sophie_vf said...

Absolutely! My third clapotis, for instance is in that beautiful Lorna's Laces colorway Watercolor - and it doesn't go with anything else in my wardrobe at all. But somehow that doesn't stop me from wearing it.

I'm trying to be more careful about my colour choices now, but arguably I'm still guilty of ignoring common sense because I don't wear lace. And here I am working on LBT :)

Ana said...

My first attempt turned out incredibly huge as well. I'm finding that the real size is about 3 inches bigger than the pattern. Since I'm a 38 bust, this puts me right in the middle of the small and medium. I think I'm going to go for casting on 210 stitches (this should work for the lace repeat, right?)

Batty said...

I so did the same thing with my Banff, except I kept going, and it fit both me and my husband when it was done -- that's me and my husband at the same time! You did the right thing by frogging.

There's something about pretty yarns that makes me color blind too. I wear blacks, purples, reds/burgundies. That's it. Yet the yarn I buy is blue, yellow, green, pink, or a combination of the above. I don't know why.

poipill said...

That color (turquoise, right?) would go well with all your regularly worn colors that you listed. Blue shades go great with brown and black, so it's actually a better choice because you can wear it with everything. I would think your neutral closet would pair well with bright handknits... toning them down a little without drawing attention away from where it belongs - on your handiwork ;)

I'm worrying about mine, it looks huge. I'm on the fifth repeat (one extra repeat than the 39' size calls for) and my measurements across the bottom edge are matching my hips (I'm making mine a bit long). I'm going to re-swatch and check the number of stitches for the bust before I do the decrease at the end of the lace section. I don't mind if the bottom is flowy and I've - quite remarkably - avoided mistakes thus far. Thanks for the heads up on it being three inches larger than should be!

hellahelen said...

I second poipill's sentiment: aqua/turquoise with espresso brown is a very hot color combo at the moment. Aqua blues also look lovely with black, cream, and light tan.

I find myself pushing my color envelope when it comes to my handknits. Whereas I might have a tendency to buy the same colors again and again in ready-to-wear, when it comes to handknits, I make myself try different colors so I'm not always knitting with the same shade of burgundy, say, or pear green (two of my all-time favorites).

It's also nice to showcare your handknits with a standout color. Beautiful so far!