Sunday, July 09, 2006

Help me trust my swatch

I've never actually swatched something. But after frogging this thing 3 times after getting giganto results, I had to. The swatch tells me that I have 5 stitches per inch on the smaller needles (size 5). My bust is a 39. So by my calculations, that means I need to cast on 195 stitches, right? Is it possible to do the lace in that number? I also feel like the yarn has a lot of give, and keep reading about it stretching... so maybe 190 would be better? I'm just really in disbelief about the number.


Tracy said...

Hi Ana,

I would keep the number of stitches for the lace as a multiple of 10 to avoid having a "half-repeat" of the pattern.
Good luck!

Stilaholic Nartian knits said...

Have you washed and "blocked" your swatch yet? You may want to in case you yarn blooms or shrinks.

And second the suggestion to keep your stitch out divisible by 10 since the lace is a 10 stitch repeat.