Monday, July 03, 2006

Issues with Lace.

Hello I have been knitting for about a year now. I would consider myself a pretty good knitter with basic projects. I have knit 4 pull over sweaters this year alone with socks and a blanket! However, this is my first attempt at lace and I'm a bit confused by the directions.

When you do the S2kp2, does that mean that you slip 2 stitches onto your right needle, knit one, and lift it over the slipped stitches and leave all 3 on there? Or do you drop off the 2 slipped stitches and are left with one? Are you folks having problems keeping them in that slipped order as you go on? Mine keep slipping out of order.

Another question about this pattern, since I've never worked with lace, and this is a kniting in the round pattern, do you work the yo's just like any other stitch or do you drop them off? Somehow I ended up with way to many stitches :(

Thanks for all your advice, it is GREATLY appreciated!!


Kel said...

If I remember correctly:
Slip the 2 stitches, Knit the next one, and then pass the 2 slipped over the new 1, so the new stich "holds" the 2 passed stitches, and you are left with only the one stitch. (This could be a reason you ended up with too many stitches? The pattern reduces 3 stitches to just one. Then you add back new stitches with the yarn-overs)
YO: When you come to it on the next row, treat it like a regular stitch and knit it as the directions call for. It makes a little hole.
With the combination of decreasing and adding new yarn-overs, the pattern stitch count remains constant.
I hope this helps. It really is a fun pattern once you get into it, and I was a lace-newbie too!

Julesdaisy said...

Thank you for your encouragement! I tried it and so far so good. I think I just needed clarity, I'll post a picture as I move along :)

Rev. Linda said...

A little bit of help with Lace...I placed stitch markers every 20 stitches - this really helps find mistakes quickly!