Friday, August 11, 2006

Advice for YO between knit and purl stitches?

I have developed my own method for doing this as I can't find a tutorial... any advice? I've been moving the yarn to the side appropriate for the following stitch (knit or purl,) and then wrapping it around the needle completely.


Rev. Linda said...

I've never tried to write up a Knit Over but the way you are describing this doesn't sound right to me.

This Link:

explains how I do it.

Ana said...

Hmm, that's pretty much what I'm doing. It works well, except that on row 11 before the sl2ktog the stitch ends up facing the wrong direction. So on row 12 I turn it around by hand. ???

rosann said...

i did what you described, ana. :)

Batty said...

Also check out! If you click on their list of abbreviations, you can watch a little video of an actual person doing the technique. Helped me lots!

Ana said...

OK... I figured it out, in case anyone other than me was confused by this. When doing Purl YO knit you can just leave the yarn where it is before the knit. I'm in the middle of row 11 again and this works well for the YO before k2p2, as it puts the YO in the right direction.
But for the k2p2 YO Purl, it seems to work better to loop the yarn all the way around-- otherwise the stitch pulls up and gets confusing.