Monday, August 14, 2006

Complete but still needs blocking

Here is my finished LBT. This is the most complicated knit that I have completed. I felt confident doing it, but as opposed to most of my other knits, I really had to pay close attention, especially during the lace sections. I still need to block the tank (I lightly steam blocked it pre-finishing) and take some pics with me in it.

I used the SWTC Bamboo in the pattern color. This is quite rare for me since I usually both knit with and wear oranges, reds, and browns. However, I liked the color and wanted to switch up my wardrobe a bit.
One Question: The front doesn't roll quite as much when it is on, but it still has a rolling problem. I think I bound off too loosely. Does anyone have any suggestions on ways to keep it from rolling?

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rosann said...

hey, yours came out beautiful!
i was thinking of actually sewing the sides of the front where it meets the corner of the raglan decreases inward a little if rolling became a problem for me - that's my suggestion.