Sunday, May 28, 2006

My yarn arrived today

My SWTC Bamboo arrived today. I chose the Sahara colourway but wasn't sure what to expect as colours don't seem to display very true on my monitor. It's actually a combination of pale greens and beiges a little - or maybe a lot - reminiscient of army desert camouflage colours - not sure yet whether that is a good or bad thing but maybe the name Sahara was a bit of a clue! The yarn seems quite soft and drapey. I will start swatching just as soon as I have finished the ties (v. boring) on the Vogue wrapover top I am currently working on. Hopefully a couple of evenings should see them done.

Hope everyone is having a great holiday weekend. We have had a cold, wet day and are hoping the sun will shine tomorrow.

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Sophie_vf said...

Jacquie, I've seen that color (Sahara) at my LYS and think it's very nice. I wish I'd picked some up at the time - it's probably gone now! I think it will work up beautifully.