Monday, November 27, 2006

Belated pics

I finished a few months ago and never got around to posting pics. I wore it once but I'm not thrilled with the fit-- I think I should have gone smaller, probably smaller needles would have done the trick. I also sewed the straps on lower to hide my bra straps, and keep it from flopping too low (the bamboo is floppiness incarnate). I'm considering ripping out the straps and making them wider.

Monday, October 16, 2006

LBT Done

I've finally finished this tank and guess what? It doesn't fit. My bust is too big to fit in there properly even after I added an extra inch of stockinette, and my bra shows - no way to adjust it either. For now I will fold it up and tuck it away until I decide what to do with it.

Here are some pics of it. I guess it needs another round of blocking. I somehow don't get good results with blocking especially with stockinette stitch. It just rolls back up like I didn't do anything to it. It still has all of its ends on it needing to be weaved in, but since its not fitting right, I'm not going to waste anymore time on it.

Thanks for the help I've gotten on it.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Shaping the shoulders

Hi guys,

This may have a simple solution, but I want to make sure I understand it. I'm at the shape the shoulders section and it says for row 2: (WS) Place a safety pin or removeable marker on (not through) working yarn and sl next st. Its this NOT THROUGH part that has me a little confused. How would I put the safety pin ON the working yarn??

Thanks in advance!


Tuesday, October 03, 2006

LBT Done

I joined this knitalong not too long ago (my first) and I'm proud to say I'm done! I cast on for this on Sept 20 and finished Oct 3. I had some doubts about how the top was turning out as I was knitting. I kept trying it on with the thought "I can fix this later if I have to". Blocking helped enormously.

Yarn: Knitpicks Merino Style in “Frost” on size 7 and 8 needles.

Modifications: I didn’t switch needle sizes until the decreases and I added a row of YO, K2Tog for the ribbon to go through. Otherwise, I followed the pattern to the letter. I also tried steam blocking this time instead of my usual wet blocking odyssey.

Monday, October 02, 2006

just starting!

I'm just starting, Lisa. In fact, I just ordered my yarn today -- Rowan cotton glace in color Splendour. I thought the little cotton lace would be a nice break from all the thick woolen fall and holiday knitting I'm starting up.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Anyone else presently working on their LBT?

I'm wondering if I am the only one basically just beginning? I see alot of tanks that are done but can't remember seeing any WIPs. Here is mine from a few days ago. I am now on row 11 of my second repeat of lace.

Anyone else still working on theirs? I'd love to see pics!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Question about row 12

Hi there! I'm new to the KAL and relatively new to working lace. So I need a little help : )

In the lace pattern section in row 11, some yarn overs are created just before the purl stitch... and I'm wondering how to work them in row 12... its like a yarn over and then another wrap around the needle (I'm now not sure if I worked that yarn over before the purl correctly in row 11) ... do I work one yarn over and then let the wrap around fall off the needle? I'm not sure if I'm working this right! I hope I explained it effectively.


Tuesday, September 19, 2006

help a knitta out!

Hi everybody. I'm new here, and this is actually my first officially-joined KAL. I am almost done with my tank, and I am going to run out of yarn. I have moved 3,000 miles from my LYS, and I called them and they have no more turquiose bamboo. In fact, when I told her my ball band number is 521 Turquiose Green, she told me that their 521 is Sky. Regardless, they couldn't help me. It seemed like a lot of people here might have extra, and I was wondering if anyone would let me buy some of their leftovers. I used the SWTC Bamboo, in Turquiose Green, dye lot number 04111925. I only need a little bit, of course.


Sunday, September 17, 2006

New to the KAL and I say hello to everyone!! I am hoping to swatch tonight and maybe knit a little bit of it tonight. I am using some Rowan Calmer that I had in my stash. Has anyone used it for this tank?

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Another finished

I am so excited to share that I finished my LBT (if anyone is still out there). I wore it today to a conference. As so many have said, the front is rolling and is also too low for my liking. If I were to do it again I would add a couple of inches there. Anyone find any way to block it or seam it to avoid the rolling?

I used Elann Sonata, I don't remember how many. Despite a 36 1/2" chest I decided to make the smallest size. I used 6's for the lace part and 5's for the top. Other than the front it fits me quite well and I'm pleased with it. It was a big thing for me to get the lace pattern right and I'm excited already to do another lace pattern.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

I went to see the Yarn Harlot last night in Salt Lake City and someone in the crowd was wearing a Lotus Blossom Tank in a heathery pink colour. Were you someone in this knitalong?

Stephanie Pearl-McPhee was wonderful BTW. There are pictures on my blog.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Finished mine too!

My Lotus Blossom Tank is done TOO! I'm VERY excited as this is my first knitted item that's suitable for wearing in public. I knit it out of Wendy Supreme DK Luxury Cotton and size 4 needles. (And yes, I'm wearing a hot pink skirt with a lavender colored top. It's hot and my summer wardrobe is LIMITED.) I knit the smallest size with only 4 repeats as the pattern calls for. I'm only 4'11", so I figured that would be okay. As you can see, I pretty much messed up all over the first repeat, but I knew that if I frogged, I wouldn't want to start over, so I kept at it! :-)

You can view more information about it (and my next project on the needles, yikes!) on my new and improved blog, here. I hope everyone had a GREAT Labor Day Weekend.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

LBT Progress

Greetings! This is my first time posting, but I have been following (and attempting) the tank for a few weeks.

Here is a goofy progress shot. I am thrilled that I am finished with the lace part, but concerned about how loose and open it is. Hopefully blocking will improve the look of the lace and hopefully I won't be swimming in this thing!

I am using Elann Summer Sonata that I had in my stash, so it's been an incredibly cheap project. On my first attempt (before I screwed up on the lace) I made the second smallest size, as I have a 36 1/2" chest. But after reading the advice of all of you, the fact that I knit loose, and that I am using cotton, I decided to do the smallest size.

Anyway, thanks for all the tips so far, and more on my blog.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Me too!

I've made several mistakes, and the finishing isn't perfect, but I still love how it looks and feels! I may knit another one next year. Yarn is called "Bamboo" (bamboo 70% cotton 30%), unknown brand, and I've used about 225 grams. More info and a photo of the mysterious ball band are posted on our joint blog.

The rolling front was better once I misted and pressed it.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Finally finished

I love this tank. I knit mine 4 inches longer, like many of you did, and I just love how it turned out. I decided against using short rows in the bust area and it fits just fine.

More info is at my blog: The Giving Flower Thanks for a great KAL and some gorgeous tanks.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Soon to Blossom....

I wish I found this KAL earlier! I'm almost done, but I've had so many questions to get here.... I could have used your help. But now here I am, done with the shoulder parts, ready to sew them on -- Well, if I can figure out what the best way is. Could anyone post the close-up of the part where the shoulder meets the front? Please?

My front rolls too. I hope it will be better when it's blocked, but I would like to hear from the other knitters how you fixed this.

From the pace I knit, it won't be finished before the weekend -- I can only knit two hours a day, at most.
I will come back with a finished photo!

Tamami (one of the Designated Knitters)

Finis !

I have finished it and blocked it. I have also already worn it out twice. I am trying to get some wear out of it before the weather changes. However, I do still need to fix the rolling in the front. (I swear, it is pretty bad, even though you can see it at all in this pic.) I love the feel of the bamboo after it is washed. I am happy with the modifications that I made: an extra 10st up from the size small and the fifth lace repeat based on some of the others in the KAL. Thanks for your help. Even those that don't realized they helped, I was able to learn from your posts and avoid some problems areas ahead of time. You can read more and see more pics at my blog.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

I'm new, a little late and need help

Hi everyone!
I'm new to this KAL and I'm knitting my tank a bit late, as it's starting to get a bit too cool to wear it, but nonetheless, I'm forging ahead.
I'm so impressed with everyone's work, and after starting my tank in the second size and ripping it all out after the second pattern repeat because it was a tent, I'm glad to have found others with similar problems.

I'm now ready to start the armholes and I've read a lot of people have put short row in to give a bit of room in the front. I'm knitting the smallest size and I'm a size 36", so I think I should be knitting some short rows too.
Can anyone tell me how they knit the short rows??? I'm new to short rows so I don't really know what to do.
Thanks so much.
Kimberly- The Giving Flower

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

half finished

Hi all, finally signed up. I've been watching the blog and seeing everyone else's turn out so well.

I've been madly knitting but stopped to finish up some other ufos on my plate. I'm a bit more than half way - having finished the 4 repeats of the lotus lace (alien heads), and I'm in the stockinette now. This was taken without my flash. The color is actually a light blue.

This next one is with my flash - so you can see the color closer...Also hiding in the upper right corner are some really cute new stitch markers I found on (Search for "Sheep stitch markers" and you'll just fall in love with them.

I'm using Madil Eden (Cascade's Bamboo) and making the smallest size. A local store near me had knit it in the off-white color and let me try it on. Even though I am between the smallest and next smallest size, it fit me perfectly (expanded to fit!). I hope mine turns out just as well. I do plan to add about a half inch in the stockinette part, so that part will extend over the bottom of my bra. The bamboo has more drape than cotton, or the SWTC bamboo, and it hasn't split much, of course, I knit sl-o-o-o-wly through the lace part, so I was careful not to split it. Now, I hope I can knit it quick enough to catch the end of summer.

Me too, me too!

Just got mine hot off the ironing board, and I am very pleased with it! Mind you I haven't tried washing it yet, just given in a bit of a steam with the iron.

The details: 2 and a bit balls of SWTC Bamboo in sahara - love the way you get the "moire" effect with the colours. (You are supposed to only need 2 for my size so I am lucky that I was originally going to make it bigger and bought the 3rd one)
Size: small.
Needles: US size 6 and 5 Denise interchangeables.
Modifications: None really, except a half inch extra of st st before the armhole shaping.

I am glad I took notice of advice here about negative ease. It would have been huge on me if I had gone for the size that I thought should have fit.

Thank you everyone on the knitalong for all the helpful hints and encouragement. I will keep popping back to see how everyone is doing.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

i finished it~~~

hey guys,
i finished my LBT this weekend! i'm really excited with how it came out. :3

yarn: rowan cotton glace in pier
needles: size 5 & 6 plymouth bamboo circulars
size: XS(?!) it's an imaginary size, i cast on 170 st instead of the 200 for the smallest size

like many of you have done, i added an inch of stockinette to the torso before the decreases. on the last pattern repeat, i only did half the pattern for just a little less length than a full one would offer, so there are 3.5 repeats here. i had never worked with cotton glace before, but i looooooove it now. for a mercerized cotton, it's really not as shiny as you think a mercerized cotton would be. i liked what ocdeviant did with her armholes, so i also used crochet (1 row HDC and SC) around the armholes and neckband. i was really worried about the neckband rolling and flopping around everywhere pre-blocking, but i steamblocked the crap out of it and it seems to be holding up rather well. i have to say, this is one of my favorite knits i've done so far!

more photos can be found on my flickr account (these two are from flickr anyway):

thank you all for your help in my previous posts to this blog! *bow*

Monday, August 14, 2006

Complete but still needs blocking

Here is my finished LBT. This is the most complicated knit that I have completed. I felt confident doing it, but as opposed to most of my other knits, I really had to pay close attention, especially during the lace sections. I still need to block the tank (I lightly steam blocked it pre-finishing) and take some pics with me in it.

I used the SWTC Bamboo in the pattern color. This is quite rare for me since I usually both knit with and wear oranges, reds, and browns. However, I liked the color and wanted to switch up my wardrobe a bit.
One Question: The front doesn't roll quite as much when it is on, but it still has a rolling problem. I think I bound off too loosely. Does anyone have any suggestions on ways to keep it from rolling?

Lace part done

I have some progress to report at last! Here is a close up to show the colours - it's SWTC Bamboo Sahara. it could do with a good blocking to show the stitches better.

I have now completed up to the armhole shaping. I kept with the four repeats as I am quite short-torsoed, and I did 3.5 inches of stocking stitch before dividing.

Here is the whole thing after about an inch and a half of st st.

Not far to go - should have it done in a couple of days, if I don't have too many interruptions.

Sunday, August 13, 2006


Well, it's done. The seam on the left is a bit crooked, but the top isn't actually uneven -- I was tugging on it without a mirror before my husband took the picture. I like the way the colors pooled. My only complaint is that the neck won't stop rolling because my shoulders are too narrow. But there's nothing I can do about that.

Details: SWTC Bamboo in Serendipity, a little over 2 skeins. 5 lace repeats, armholes and neckline worked by picking up 1 stitch every 2 stitches, not every 1 stitch. The effect is kind of nice.

Not my usual color choice, but I'll wear it -- with another shirt under it. There's way too much midsection peeking through the lace!

Friday, August 11, 2006

Advice for YO between knit and purl stitches?

I have developed my own method for doing this as I can't find a tutorial... any advice? I've been moving the yarn to the side appropriate for the following stitch (knit or purl,) and then wrapping it around the needle completely.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

It Fits!

The Facts: LBT in smallest size, 5 lace repeats, an extra couple inches in stockinette, armhole finishing is a row of single crochet and then a row of backward (crab stitch) crochet, no finishing around the neck. I used about 2.5 balls of SWTC bamboo.

Overall, I really liked this pattern (once I made a chart for the lace). My only real trouble was with the short-rows... did one side correctly and one incorrectly (with resulting holes), as I wasn't sure what I was going for... anyhow, fixed it up and it looks fine.

Finally, I love the fit and will definitely wear it a lot. Also, I really appreciate all the support and encouragement from the kal... thanks to you all I can wear my LBT this summer!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


I actually finished a little while back but keep forgetting to post about it here. I wore it to work today so I'd remember. Geez. My memory.

The Lotus Blossum has finished. I'm quite thrilled with how it turned out. A note to anyone using the Southwest Trading Company Bamboo in this color. This is NOT colorfast yarn. When I came back upstairs to dry it out I noticed all the water was pink. I think there may have been tears involved had I made that mistake of soaking this with anything else. I'm not sure if it will handle a soak better next time but I'll write about it when I find out.

I added about three inches to the stockinette section to give extra length. I love it now and am really happy I decided to make that change. Hope everyone is having fun making theirs.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Progress and Questions

I started the fourth round of the lace. Like many others, I am between sizes. I added ten more stitches to the smallest size and reworked the pattern a bit based on this. By my calculations it should give the finished tank a bust of between 35.25 to 35.5. Has anyone else tried this and did it work out? (I scanned the past entries and didn't see this solution)
Also, I have a long torso and want to do a fifth round of the lace like I have seen others do. However, I am worried that I may run out of yarn. I am working with the South West Trading Company Bamboo. I bought three skeins, so I hope I will have enough to do an extra repeat. I am five rows into my fourth lace round and am getting close to finishing my first skein of yarn. Did anyone knit the 39" size with this yarn? If so, how much yarn did you have left over?
Overall, I am pleased with how it is turning out and love how light the yarn is after knitting with cotton all summer.

Finally got started... again

After having to stop to get some other things finished I am finally back on my LBT. After taking everything that everyone else has said and done into account I decided to frog what I had done and start again. I have decided to go down to the small size and see how it goes. I have done one lace repeat and the plain rows of the second. I am so looking forward to the evening when I can sit down in front of the TV and get some more done.

I hope I get it done while the weather is still nice enough to wear it this year.

Monday, July 31, 2006

Getting Started

It's been great seeing everyone's completed and "in process" tanks. Here's my progress so far....I'm in the middle of the second repeat.

I'm using Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece. This is my first garment and have really been enjoying this pattern. Now if I could just have more time to work on it!!

question on negative ease

i'm about done with the lotus pattern repeats and am going to start the stockinette portion soon. i'm knitting an imaginary XS size - i cast on 170 st instead of 200 because 200 was coming out too big. i'm still using size 5 needles, though.

what's interesting is that my gauge matches the 22 st = 4" in St st as written in the pattern. so with some math done, i found that if i don't decrease where the pattern instructs me to, the stockinette portion will be about 31 inches around. i have a 32 in bust, so that would result in 1 inch of negative ease. i want this top to be fitted and fairly body-hugging and i hope the 1 inch of negative ease will help me achieve that.

have/are any of you gone with negative ease? if so, how much?

Friday, July 28, 2006

New ... and done!

Although I just officially joined the KAL, I finished my lotus blossom tank on Tuesday. I've been reading all your posts as I knitted and enjoyed the useful tips and great pictures!

I had originally started on the smallest size in June, but after completing 3 lace repeats I tried it on to find that it was huge (my swatching had led me to use a US 6 Denise for the main needle). I wanted it to be fairly body hugging, and it was more like a tent.

So, I swatched some more, frogged the whole thing, and started over on July 3rd with a bamboo US 4 for my main needle. I did 5 repeats of the lace and added an inch or so to the stockinette portion of the bodice.

I made two big errors that I discovered late enough that I decided not to fix them (I'm a fairly new knitter and, apparently, not a perfectionist type!). I accidentally increased 1 stitch early on in the 7.5" of stockinette on the upper part of the back -- so I K2tog during the first shoulder shaping row when I discovered it. Also, I had never done short row shaping before and didn't know I needed to "hide" the wraps (I neglected to look in the back of the magazine -- like an idiot!), so my left shoulder shaping is a little wonky looking. Additionally, I had to get a third ball of the bamboo yarn that was from a somewhat different looking dye lot, but I joined it at the shoulders on both sides, and it's not too annoying.

I am blocking the tank now (photo is pre-blocked), and will be wearing it for real soon!

Oh, frustration...

I am giving up for the time being on Lotus Blossom Tank. I've tried to knit this thing several times. First, I twisted my stitches while joining in the round. On subsequent attempts, I screwed up the lace pattern and could not figure out where I had goofed. So it is currently sitting there in the corner of my office, lonely, needing love. I will re-start it again sometime in the future. I like the pattern. It's pretty. I just need a break.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Work in Progress shot

Here is the picture also appearing on my blog, the WIP, about 2 cm till short rows shot of my LBT. I even love the pooling. See how it's large splotches, then it turns into thin stripes at the top? Way cool. The only thing: Why did I pick pastels?
Stay tuned for pictures of Confused Goth in Hippie Pastel Lace Top!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Finally Started

I finally started my top, and so far, I have 1 1/2 repeats done. I love the yarn I chose, and the color is growing on me. Come on over to my place, and see the picture.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

newbie to this KAL says hello

hey guys, i just joined this KAL! i'm finding it very helpful, so thank you for all the cool entries and tips. i'm going to be extending the stockinette section by an inch or two by the time i get there, as many of you have suggested.

here's a photo of my progress thus far:

i'm using rowan cotton glace - seems to be working well so far.
i'm making the smallest size (33.75 in).

Monday, July 10, 2006


Hi Everyone,

I am finally finished with my LBT, and I can not believe how relieved I am to be done with the whole thing. If it wasn't for this KAL, I know I would have chucked the project and added it to my many UFOs. Anyway, from my posts last months, I dropped a bunch of stitches somewhere and couldn't figure out where they were. As a result, I started the whole thing again...did the same thing...then did the same thing again. What happened? I figured out that my yarn was too slippery for my really slippery bamboo needles and my stitches kept falling off without my noticing. (I was using Frog Tree silk/cotton, and it was telling me that it did not want to be the Lotus Blossom Tank.) I put the whole thing away for a week or two, and then started over with's Sonata 100% cotton. Much better.

Yarn: Sonata—4 balls
Needles: Many—Webs bamboo circulars size 6, Denise size 5, Susan Bates aluminum circulars size 4, crochet hook size F for the armhole finishing.
Modifications: 3 Lotus Blossom repeats instead of 4, but added an extra few inches of stocking stitch in the body. I didn’t care for the 4 rows of garter at the top of the lace pattern, so I knit only two rows of the garter stitch instead. I continued the decrease pattern at the top of the front for two extra repeats (8 rows total) to add length in the chest area. I did not want the garter stitch borders around the sleeves and neck, so I used a modified crochet shell stitch on the sleeves, and then left the neck band area plain for no other reason than I liked the clean line of it.
Overall thoughts: I like the finished product, but I wasn’t bowled over by the pattern itself. I felt like I had to make way too many modifications to keep it from being a shapeless blob. But all of the changes were well worth the extra work and frustration. I’m really glad I joined this KAL because reading the other posts and seeing you all’s finished objects was very inspiring.

My first day wearing my LBT

I got my friend at work to take a pic of me wearing my LBT today in all it's finished & blocked glory. Indoor lighting and old work digi cams leave much to be desired, but it'll do. I've got a black ON layering tank underneath to make it work appropriate as well as a black blazer since the SF Bay Area fog makes the mornings very cool. I'm happy with the way it turned out though I will need one of those demi-type bras so I don't keep fiddling w/the straps all the time as they want to peek out ever so slightly right were the seams joining the front to the shoulders are.

I'm glad I joined this KAL and it helped keep me motivated to finish this project and all your tips and suggestions helped me immeasureably.

Thank you all and knit on!

edited to add: original finished post w/yarn specs can be found here.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Blocking Question

I'm on the third repeat of the lace pattern, and it's already getting pretty darn obvious that this top will need some heavy-duty blocking if the lotus blossoms/alien heads are going to look like anything other than a variegated spaghetti mess. What did other people do? Does anyone have advice about blocking lace knit in the round?
This is my first lace piece that didn't start out flat, so I'm not sure what to do.

Pret a porter!

IK Lotus Blossom - it's done!
Originally uploaded by Sophie_vf.
It's ready to wear!

I am so glad I added the extra stockinette. I really didn't need the fifth lace repeat, as I needed more bra coverage than overall length. So, as suggested by Jacqui, and considering her warning that the front tends to pull up, I knit an extra inch of stockinette plus 12 short rows for the bust shaping. This worked out perfectly!

Like others, I absolutely hated picking up the armhole edging since it's such a small round to work ont, but at least it was over with quickly. It didn't roll too badly, and a light pressing with steam helped it stay in place. I also steam blocked the lace a bit so it would be more open. Not that I really want to show extra skin, but it draped more nicely and didn't bunch.

I'm really happy with the result and enjoyed knitting it. Thanks to everyone here for tips, inspiring pics, and encouragement!

(crossposted to my own blog)

Help me trust my swatch

I've never actually swatched something. But after frogging this thing 3 times after getting giganto results, I had to. The swatch tells me that I have 5 stitches per inch on the smaller needles (size 5). My bust is a 39. So by my calculations, that means I need to cast on 195 stitches, right? Is it possible to do the lace in that number? I also feel like the yarn has a lot of give, and keep reading about it stretching... so maybe 190 would be better? I'm just really in disbelief about the number.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Finished and Fresh from the Dryer!

I finished! And I even wore it to work on Wednesday (with some discreet pinning of the appropriate bra). I had some problems with the blocking: I wanted to tighten up the back, the armholes, and the curled-outward neckline. No luck: I got it wet and it grew by 10 inches in width and about a foot in length. It went into the dryer and was fried back to it's pre-wash size.
To all you bamboo users freaking out about your sizing after reading this: Relax: I knit this with Filatura Di Crosa Zara Merino in green and grey (ran out of green) so I shall be alone in my blocking issues. Overall, I had a great time with this pattern, and I look forward to wearing this tank, and seeing all of your finished photos! Thanks for the inspiration, company, support, and advice!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Jackie F has some mad skillz....

Did you notice Jackie sneaked in a picture of her and her little one? I am not letting her get away with it! LOL. Adult LBT and Mini LBT together!

Scroll down about 4 posts.

Jackie - I hope you don't mind me calling you out. You two look soooo cute! I poked around your blog a little and did I read you were going to make a mini Green Gable? You are so very talented!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Getting ready to begin

Hey Everyone! I'm Shell. I joined a little while ago but am just getting started on this. Here's my dilemma. I initially selected SWTC Oasis in Purplexed for the tank, but I am starting to think that the variegation may be too much. Here's the swatch I finished last night:


I made an error somewhere along the way, but I am just not thrilled with how the pattern looks. So here is my second thought, Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in Lovely Lavender, swatched this morning:


The cotton fleece has the same ballband gauge as the Oasis, but it swatched up a little larger and a little firmer.

I'm leaning towards the cotton fleece, but would love some feedback.


Monday, July 03, 2006

Issues with Lace.

Hello I have been knitting for about a year now. I would consider myself a pretty good knitter with basic projects. I have knit 4 pull over sweaters this year alone with socks and a blanket! However, this is my first attempt at lace and I'm a bit confused by the directions.

When you do the S2kp2, does that mean that you slip 2 stitches onto your right needle, knit one, and lift it over the slipped stitches and leave all 3 on there? Or do you drop off the 2 slipped stitches and are left with one? Are you folks having problems keeping them in that slipped order as you go on? Mine keep slipping out of order.

Another question about this pattern, since I've never worked with lace, and this is a kniting in the round pattern, do you work the yo's just like any other stitch or do you drop them off? Somehow I ended up with way to many stitches :(

Thanks for all your advice, it is GREATLY appreciated!!

Finished! No pics yet, though.

We've misplaced our digicam. Oops! Anyway, LBT's all finished & making her debut today (3 compliments so far! Woohoo!). One thing, though--I wonder if anyone else has this issue? Disclaimer: I am somewhat petite, with a short torso and narrow shoulders. The sleeve caps of the LBT actually extend a bit past the proper shoulder line (they're not flying out past my shoulders, but they sort of flutter a bit above my shoulder), and in back, the armholds are curling under a bit. I think both of these issues are because of my short/narrow shoulders and lack of shaping in the back armscye.

Still, very pretty and well-fitting, so I'm pleased overall.


Vacation knitting

Hi -- I've been working on LBT and now have 5 lace repeats + 5" of ss in the round, and am ready to bo for arms. I ordered a 3rd ball from Yarn Market and it is the same dye lot, so I have plenty and feel much better. I'm wondering, after washing/during blocking how much you all are pinning out the lace, or letting it block more "naturally"? Also, has anyone ironed this yarn, and if so at what setting (you see I have fantasies of finishing soon!).

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Mini Lotus Blossom Tank pics

Here's Marie wearing her mini Lotus Blossom Tank! These pics were taken just after she got up, so please excuse the bright green shorts. I might have to make the head opening a little bit bigger since it was difficult to get over her head; I'm thinking at the back or the left front shoulder seam...

Edited 7/4/06: 1 picture added. Also, I took out part of one seam and added braided ties so that the tank fits over her head.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Preview of a mini LBT

Here's a shot of the finished mini Lotus Blossom Tank for my 18-month-old daughter. Since she's in bed for the night, I'll have to wait until tomorrow to take pictures with her wearing it. I can't wait! Before doing the edging, I tried it on her to see if it fit. It did! I was worried that the lace would be too high, or that the shaping at the neckline would be off or too high. But, thanks to the dependability of math, it turned out OK. Oh yeah, how about that one patch of brown?! I ran out of yarn right before finishing. Ack! Now it has an abtract art appeal... :)

mini lbt 1

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Voila, the Lotus Blossom Tank

Done, done, done!! These pics were taken at Stitch 'n Bitch tonight. Currently, I'm finishing up a mini version of the tank for my 17-month-old daughter with leftover yarn. Hopefully, I'll have enough yarn to finish the straps. I might have to use some taupe Patons Grace to do the edging. We'll see - I will be sure to post pics of her wearing her tank when it's finished! :)

Put a fork in me!

I am done! Well, I still need to wash & block this bugger and get DH to take a pic of me modelling (hah!) this thing, but the knitting is done.

Well, I hope I'm done. I did not enjoy picking up and knitting the finishings on the armholes and neckline. I simply had the worst time w/the SWTC Bamboo at this point. I hope the most egregious parts block out. If not, I'll have to go back and re-do them. Gah!

In any case, a quick recap of my tank - I knitted the size 39'' cause I measure 40." I got stitch gauge on size 7 (Boyes interchangeables) needles, but my row gauge was bigger (7.25 rows/in vs 9 rows/in stated in the pattern) in St st. Because of my larger row gauge, I only added 1.5" to the St st portion before splitting for the armholes and felt no need to add a 5th repeat of the alien heads.

Quick thoughts on this project - This was a fun pattern to knit. However, my enjoyment was tempered by the yarn itself. While I like the drape and feel of it, it still got tiring for my hands despite having more give than a 100% mercerized cotton yarn. It didn't bother me while I was doing the lace portion, but the knitting the St st portion got wearying. Oh, and yeah, splitty as heck. All of which is probably why I started losing steam and got really annoyed doing the armhole and neck finishing. I really hope the finish blocks out okay, 'cause I really don't want to go back and re-do them.

Now what do I do w/the 2 whole leftover skeins + the remainder of the 3rd?

Racing to the finish line!

I'm soooo close. I finished the straps yesterday & lightly ironed the whole tank in preparation for seaming. I noticed that the front edge was curling pretty badly, despite agressive ironing attempts. . . I went ahead and seamed the straps, and then hunted around for my IK (I'd been working from a photocopy with grainy pics) to check out the photo, wondering where I'd gone wrong. A ha! A glance at the photos sent me back to my directions. . . right before the front BO, the directions say something to the effect of "knit three rows, BO knitwise." Well, I knitted those three rows in STOCKINETTE, since the directions didn't specifically say to knit three rows in GARTER stitch. Gah!

Fortunately, it was an easy fix--unseam a bit at each strap edge, pull out the BO, rip two rows, knit two rows, BO knitwise. Phew!

Now I'm picking up armhole stitches. I'll keep you posted--so far, it fits beautifully! 3-4" negative ease. I did lengthen the stockinette portions on both the front & back, mainly because my swatch shrunk lengthwise when I washed it. . .


Mindless Knitting Specialist: First Lace Attempt

Hello! I just ordered my yarn, and I'm anxious to start the Lotus Tank. Though I've been knitting for four years, I've stuck with the basics, so I'm a bit nervous about the lace. Since I'm in a knitting rut, I figured I should challenge myself a bit more. So here I am! What do you think? Is this tank doable for a lace novice?

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Yardage question

I've been reading everybody's posts about increasing the number of lace pattern repeats and/or extending the length of the stockinette section, and will likely do the same. My question to all of you is: were you able to increase the length of the tank with the amount of yarn originally called for in the pattern, or was more yarn needed? If I am going to need more yarn, I want to make sure to get it before the store runs out of my color.

Haven't had a chance to get back to the tank yet, since I posted earlier about my missing stitch, but appreciated the supportive comments and suggestions, and will return to knitting shortly. Thanks!

Red Lotus

I decided on red for my Lotus Blossom because I love the colour, and I already had one random ball I bought the first time i came across it. I got 2 more from the same store (18 months later) and they are, predictably, different dye lots, but that appears to make no discernible difference at all, fortunately!

I did 6 repeats of the lace, but haven't lengthened the base part of the stocking stitch element - may prove to be rash,

now I read Jackie F's comments from yesterday.

this pic is a bit shakey because I was on a train - and as usual with lace it looks like boiled ass (see Rabbitch's descriptions of her lace...). I've finished the front, and am almost at the short rows for the back. Which is good, because I want to wear it for Woolfest on Saturday (may be blocking it the night before in the B&B, methinks!) NB the colour above is the best I could get even with white balance, but it is really deeper - more like this.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Lotus Blossom Tank - front finished

I chucked the tank I started using the SWTC Intensity, because I decided I'd rather use the variegated yarn for Heatwave. So here's my second try. After ordering some SWTC in cobalt, I cast on again, and have finally gotten to finishing the front.

I don't LOVE knitting with bamboo, because it feel so stiff to me, but I do really like the fabric it produces. Perhaps because it's so drapey, the garment seems to come out really big even if you get gauge on the swatch, so I'm knitting the smallest size, which seems absurdly small compared to my actual bust size. I did add some short rows to the front to make sure it was long enough that I don't flash people through the lace section. Otherwise, I'm continuing on and hoping for the best.

FYI: beware, the straps will pull up the front

My Lotus Blossom Tank is drying! I have a picture and details on my blog. I'll post a picture after it's dry and I'm wearing it...

While I'm here, I thought I'd mention something important for those who haven't completed the stockinette portion of the tank [BTW, this will make sense when reading, but you might not think of it while knitting]:

You might want to knit the stockinette section an inch longer. Most people are doing this anyway. But, even after customizing yours to make it long enough to cover the bust, you might want to add yet another inch. Why? The straps will pull up the front an inch after seaming. At least, that is to say, they did on mine. Thankfully, my tank still covers the bust, but with very little material to spare. This was an unexpected result considering I had already made my stockinette portion longer than the pattern indicated. So, if yours is only just covering the bottom part of the bust and you want to wear your tank sans camisole, you'll be risking exposing your bra if you don't make it longer. 'Thought I'd share - hope this helps!

Oh yeah - one more thing! The extra inch should be added while still knitting in the round. Adding any length after the armhole BO would disrupt the seaming.

Just getting started...ease?

Once I finish a stole/scarf from Mason Dixon, I'm going to cast on. I have some SWTC Oasis that I'm going to use, it swatches up about right (I'm having a hard time doing a circular swatch), and the SoySilk website says it can be subbed for Bamboo. I'm planning on adding a few inches to the length.

What kind of ease should I plan for? I'm hoping that I can get away with an inch or two of negative ease.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Feeling discouraged

I discovered on Saturday, on row 14 of my first go through the lace pattern, that a stitch is missing somewhere. I put the tank aside in discouragement and am not sure whether to frog it completely or laboriously knit backwards to find the missing stitch. I guess I wasn't paying close enough attention. Also, the smaller needle I own is an addi turbo, and I found it a bit slippery with the hemp yarn. Should I buy another bamboo needle? Decision, decisions.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Thar she grows!

I'm finally swatching, and things are going well. The unwashed swatch was dead on for the row count, but I had way too many stitches width-wise. Then I washed it, it's blocking upstairs -- and so much wider than it started out! Will re-measure once it's dry, but I think I'll be spot on (or close enough) for gauge. Bamboo really does bloom like you wouldn't believe.

One question, though: my bust is 33 1/2", the XS is 33 3/4. Should I be worried? After everyone's sizing issues, I'm a bit concerned.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Lotus, she has Blossomed!

Lotus Blossom Tank - finished!I'm delighted to say that I have officially finished my Lotus Blossom Tank. I'm fairly happy with the finished product!

I used just over three balls of Jaeger Trinity yarn in Glacier and it took me about a week after my one false start. I did have to wing it with the pattern, though. The bottom is the size medium or second size or whatever. When I finished the fifth repeat I tried it on and realized that the top was going to be too big if I didn't size it down to the smallest size. So during the bustline decrease extravaganza, I made enough decreases to get me down to the smallest size.

I probably could have gone down even a little smaller, but as is the top of the sweater is loose but not too loose. I definitely have to wear something underneath so I don't flash anyone when bending over. The bottom is a little swingy, which I like. It's really super comfortable and something I will definitely wear.

The thought is still in my head to knit it in black and substitute the lotus blossom lace for the skull lace over at Hello Yarn. I may end up going for it sooner or later. Of course, I'm at the tail end of spinning up three pounds of Finn top for my very first sweater made entirely of handspun yarn, which has me very excited and otherwise engaged!

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