Monday, July 31, 2006

question on negative ease

i'm about done with the lotus pattern repeats and am going to start the stockinette portion soon. i'm knitting an imaginary XS size - i cast on 170 st instead of 200 because 200 was coming out too big. i'm still using size 5 needles, though.

what's interesting is that my gauge matches the 22 st = 4" in St st as written in the pattern. so with some math done, i found that if i don't decrease where the pattern instructs me to, the stockinette portion will be about 31 inches around. i have a 32 in bust, so that would result in 1 inch of negative ease. i want this top to be fitted and fairly body-hugging and i hope the 1 inch of negative ease will help me achieve that.

have/are any of you gone with negative ease? if so, how much?


Nell said...

I just measured my stockinette portion, and it seems to be about 31 inches around, whereas my bust is about 33.5 inches (I'm ~31 inches around the ribcage just under the bust). I don't know if the cotton glace you are using would behave differently from the SWTC bamboo I used, but I'm pretty happy with the way mine fits.

Hope this helps!

Kel said...

I did mine to exact measurements and now wish I had done at least one inch negative ease. I was using Merino. Good luck!

rosann said...

thanks for sharing your experiences. yeah, i need to take the yarn type (mercerized cotton) into consideration.