Monday, July 03, 2006

Vacation knitting

Hi -- I've been working on LBT and now have 5 lace repeats + 5" of ss in the round, and am ready to bo for arms. I ordered a 3rd ball from Yarn Market and it is the same dye lot, so I have plenty and feel much better. I'm wondering, after washing/during blocking how much you all are pinning out the lace, or letting it block more "naturally"? Also, has anyone ironed this yarn, and if so at what setting (you see I have fantasies of finishing soon!).


Betty said...

When I blocked my swatch of the lace pattern, I just spread it out on a towel. No pinning. It seemed to work okay.

Jackie F. said...

I didn't pin mine, but you would probably need to if you wanted to stretch it out any.

After blocking, I ran a cool iron with a thin pressing cloth over the armholes and neckline. My iron has 8 settings, and I used the 3rd setting. After finishing the edging, I found that I didn't need to block it since it doesn't curl.

tree said...

thanks -- probably I'll try not pinning first, and I like the idea of a cool iron... haven't gotten much further... got distracted by another project, but I'm home now and should be able to work on it more now.