Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Finished mine too!

My Lotus Blossom Tank is done TOO! I'm VERY excited as this is my first knitted item that's suitable for wearing in public. I knit it out of Wendy Supreme DK Luxury Cotton and size 4 needles. (And yes, I'm wearing a hot pink skirt with a lavender colored top. It's hot and my summer wardrobe is LIMITED.) I knit the smallest size with only 4 repeats as the pattern calls for. I'm only 4'11", so I figured that would be okay. As you can see, I pretty much messed up all over the first repeat, but I knew that if I frogged, I wouldn't want to start over, so I kept at it! :-)

You can view more information about it (and my next project on the needles, yikes!) on my new and improved blog, here. I hope everyone had a GREAT Labor Day Weekend.

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C. Zaitz said...

This is how I want mine to look- thanks for the cool picture. Maybe I'll stick to four repeats. I think it'll be way too long with more- it looks perfect on you.