Saturday, October 14, 2006

Shaping the shoulders

Hi guys,

This may have a simple solution, but I want to make sure I understand it. I'm at the shape the shoulders section and it says for row 2: (WS) Place a safety pin or removeable marker on (not through) working yarn and sl next st. Its this NOT THROUGH part that has me a little confused. How would I put the safety pin ON the working yarn??

Thanks in advance!



Chicago Jen said...

To put a pin on the yarn, simply make sure that the two sides of the pin are around the two legs of the stitich. When they say NOT through, they mean one of two things, a.) don't hang the pin around only one leg of the stitch or b.) don't split the yarn with the pin. I usually assume t6hey mean the latter.
Hope this helps!

Lisa said...

Thanks Jen,

I'm still a little fuzzy about how to position these pins... but I'll give it a try the way I'm picturing it.

Thanks for your help!