Tuesday, June 20, 2006


I started this great tank on June 11th, but just found the KAL today. I could have used the emotional support during my gauging and lace-knitting (first time with lace patterns) but am thankful I found y'all now!
I am not using bamboo (my local yarn store is 60 miles away, and really small, and filled with nothing but eyelash yarn), instead using Filatura di Crosa Zara Merino from the stash...and I will run out. Yarn shortages in mind, I got gauge on a size 9 needle, which is making for a much looser and more open lacework. I am also incorporating one skein of grey into the green (waist, sleeves? Neckline?). I am at 1.5 inches of stockinette and I have about 200 yards of green left...
So I will be here, knitting, and holding my breath.
I love seeing everyone's photos, and it is comforting knowing y'all are out there!


Sophie_vf said...

ooh, I LOVE Zara merino! I made a DNA scarf for my DH and it's so cushy, soft and springy.

I'm curious to see how it turns out. I've wondered if part of the reason most of us are finding our first attempts huge is that the bamboo is stiff. Whereas the merino will possibly pull in a bit and fit more closely. Who knows, I'm just speculating.

Stilaholic Nartian knits said...

Howzit! You're on the Big Island, right? I went back there a couple years (already!). It's always been my fav island to visit.

I'm afraid I have no suggestions on where to put the gray 'cept maybe after you finish all the full lace repeats, in the 4 rounds of the lace pattern thats the garter stitch look before going into the full on St st portion.

Maybe someone else has more creative ideas.

hellahelen said...

Ooh, very pretty, soft-looking yarn. I think it would look nice to incorporate the grey in the garter stitch between the lace and the stockinette sections. Don't know if that'll be enough to make the green stretch far enough, but if not, you can always see if someone out there in knittyland has a spare ball of the green to swap with you!

Kel said...

Thanks, all!
Yep, Big Island. Unfortunately far from a LYS and not a great place to wear wool. I therefore try to furiously buy up all the summer knitting mags for light ideas like the LBT. I have put the grey in to the between-area garter stitches, even adding another garter row to stretch. Still wondering if the green will hold. I also wonder how the Merino will block out, and so far have not had the oversizing problems, since I messed with the needle size and gauge so often.

larissa said...

Great idea - I use Zara alot, as it's just about the only wool I've ever found that doesn't make me itch like crazy! I'll definitely be keeping an eye on your progress!