Monday, June 12, 2006

Switching to the XS after the bust: here's the plan...

I have written down a plan for how I will downsize my 39" size tank to the 33.75" size just above the bust. Since I'm petite, my shoulders are narrow in width and short in height measuring from the bust. Normally, I would probably wear the XS (33.75") and just make that size without any modifications. But, I haven't yet lost the 20-25 lb that I should. So, in the meantime I'm going to make some extra, evenly-spaced decreases on the front and back. These decreases fall after the largest part of my bust and after the armhole BO. To downsize, 28 sts need to be evenly decreased in total: 14 for the front and 14 for the back. All extra decreases are completed prior to the front neckline BO and the shoulder shaping on the back. In order to not take up too much space here, please read all further details on my blog post.

Has anyone noticed that the neckband is worked back and forth? Is this due to the curvature or length of the neckline? It must be easier (or necessary) to work back and forth, then connect each end in the front if that's what the pattern says. I wonder if it's possible to work the neckband in the round like the armholes? When I get to the point where I've picked up and knitted the neckline sts for the neckband, I guess I'll find out then!

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Sophie_vf said...

Thanks for sharing your plan, Jacqui. And the link to the LBT with the gaping neck - definately gives me something to think about as I continue to waffle about sizes. Your approach makes sense to me!