Thursday, June 15, 2006

Someone on has a gorgeous blue one

Saw this on flickr today. It's beautiful. Once of the tags says pima tencel, so I'm wondering if it's Cascade in #1694 or if it's a Classic Elite Premiere shade.

In the meantime, I'm still slowly progressing on my 3rd lace repeat. Crappy pics on my blog.

Hope all of you are well.


Betty said...

I found her blog. It is indeed Cascade Pima Tencel. She lives near me in TN!!!

Sophie_vf said...

ooh yeah! I saw that on Flickr too - what a great colour. Looking forward to watching her progress.

OCDeviant said...

Beautiful color! I'm finding Cascade yarn especially pleasing all of a sudden. Has it always been so great, or am I just slow?

Mac said...

Great color!