Thursday, June 15, 2006

Do I have everyone listed?

If you are reading this and you joined this KAL (I invited you via Blogger, you accepted, etc.), does your name appear on the list in the sidebar? And if you have a blog, did I link to your blog? Some of you created blogs after joining and I think I got everyone in this scenario updated. If not, please leave a comment or send me an email. Thanks!

On the subject of my Lotus Blossom Tank - um, I started mine last weekend and 5 rounds in, I discovered I twisted my stitches. I haven't touched it since. LOL! Actually, I've been trying to finish something else and I just seamed and wove in the ends, so that is done. I'll restart LBT soon.


OCDeviant said...

Hi Betty,
You have me listed as "Tami," but that's my email address. My name is actually Tamara. You wouldn't know that, so feel free to leave my listing as Tami if you like. I'm sorry about that.

Hope your LBT is going well.

tree said...

Hi Betty -- I may be the Teresa on your list, not sure, but usually go by Tree, so either I'm listed or not, not sure... thanks!!!

Amy said...

My name isn't listed.