Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Just getting started...ease?

Once I finish a stole/scarf from Mason Dixon, I'm going to cast on. I have some SWTC Oasis that I'm going to use, it swatches up about right (I'm having a hard time doing a circular swatch), and the SoySilk website says it can be subbed for Bamboo. I'm planning on adding a few inches to the length.

What kind of ease should I plan for? I'm hoping that I can get away with an inch or two of negative ease.


Kel said...

Although I used Merino, I planned for about an inch of ease. I should have done an inch of negative ease. Now my tank is A-line and not as flattering as it could be (I am hoping to mess with it during blocking). Welcome and good luck!

Batty said...

Wash the swatch. I had 25 stitches instead of 22 before washing, then suddenly, I had 20 -- and I'm a tight knitter. So I went down to US4/5 needles for this project. That should give me about half an inch to an inch of negative ease.